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Enid is located in Oklahoma, USA.
Oklahoma City (English: Oklahoma City) is the capital and the largest city of Oklahoma in the United States. It is governed by Oklahoma County. As of July 2005, the urban area has a population of 532517 and the metropolitan area has a population of 1.22 million. Oklahoma City is located in the middle of Oklahoma, covering an area of 621.2 square miles (about 1608.8 square kilometers), of which the water area is 14.2 sq mi (36.7 km) ²)。 Oklahoma City was founded in 1889. After Oklahoma joined the United States in 1907, Oklahoma City replaced Guthrie After becoming the capital of Oklahoma, many people moved their capital from gasley to Oklahoma City. In 1928, the oil field was discovered in Oklahoma City, and the city's economy began to flourish. On December 26, 2019, it ranked 343 on the 2019 global top 500 cities list.
俄克拉何马城(英语:Oklahoma City)是美国俄克拉荷马州的首府、第一大城市,俄克拉何马郡郡治。截至2005年7月城区拥有人口532,517人,大都市区人口122万。俄克拉何马城位于俄克拉何马州的中部,面积621.2平方英里(约合1,608.8平方千米),其中水域面积14.2 sq mi (36.7 km²)。俄克拉何马城始建于1889年,1907年俄克拉何马州加入美国联邦后,俄克拉何马城代替了加斯里(Guthrie)成为俄克拉何马州的首府,此后,很多人把资本从加斯里移动去往俄克拉何马城。在1928年,俄城发现了油田,城市经济开始兴旺起来。2019年12月26日,位列2019年全球城市500强榜单第343名。
Alva is located in Ohio, USA.
Ademoore, Alabama limestone County, Alabama, a small town in the United States, and includes the Decatur metropolitan area in Huntsville. This is the family's Saturn 1b rocket, the welcome center in Alabama, just on the southern border of Tennessee, interstate 65. As the 2010 census, the population of the city is 1194. According to the 2005 U.S. Census, there are 1106 people in this town. It's with ademore, Tennessee, its sister city.
Lawton is a city in southwest Oklahoma. Located 139 kilometers southwest of Oklahoma City. Population 80000 (1980). It was built in 1901. A trade center in an agricultural area. There are flour, oil pressing, dairy products, cans, leather, cement products and other industries. Fort Searle to the north is the center of the U. S. Field Artillery Force. There are military museums and many historic sites.
劳顿 (Lawton)美国俄克拉何马州西南部城市。位于俄克拉何马城西南139公里。人口8万(1980)。1901年始建。农业地区的贸易中心。有面粉、榨油、奶制品、罐头、皮革、水泥制品等工业。北面的西尔堡是美国野战炮兵部队的中心。有军事博物馆和许多古迹。
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